Boyza Bus

Our Boyza Bus can be seen out and about around the South East (North Shields, Cullercoats and Tynemouth) and South West (Wallsend, Howdon and Battlehill) of the Borough of North Tyneside every Friday and Saturday night, providing activities and a warm place to sit and socialise on the colder nights. Our friendly and enthusiastic staff teams are eager to meet new young people and prvide a wide range of activities for young people to participate in from multi sports to nail art. They can also direct young people to various club sessions going on in the local area and are more than happy to listen to young peoples ideas for new activities and events. We are now recruiting and developing a young volunteering programme with some of our established young people and are happy to apply for funding to support specific projects.

A little more about the Boyza Bus

In April 2011 A successful bid from the Peoples Millions lottery programme saw the addition of a camper van to the boys club. Nicknamed the ‘Boyza Bus ’by the young people it’s aim is to provide activities and advice for all young people in the local area Each night staff are able to support over 40 young people in Wallsend and Howdon.

The outreach ‘Boyza Bus’, has enabled us to build relationships with young people during the cold winter nights, allowing us to break down barriers and supporting them to improve their health and educational attainment and increase their chances of finding employment.

The bus has been a great addition to our outreach and detached programme this resource offers the young people in hard to reach areas the opportunity to engage with workers in a safe and supportive environment, where they can receive advice and assistance on the issues that effect young people in today’s society.


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